How Swilox works

Passwordless Login and Passwordless Registration

Usernames and passwords are becoming more and more of a burden - to the point where people would rather do without an online account and the advantages it offers than create a new one. Or they resort to other solutions and, for example, use the same passwords more than once - a danger for all sides.

Swilox solves this problem by making the cell phone the key into online accounts - one scan - one click - done.


No lost passwords

Access to your own account at any time and on any device

Sign-up with one click

No more hassle when registering

Fewer abandonments

and thus attract more regular customers and achieve a higher conversion.


Get access anytime and anywhere - on the PC at work, on the family tablet and on your own smartphone

No weak passwords

Non-secure or repeatedly used passwords endanger all parties involved

Offline usage

Whether at the counter, at the club meeting or at the vending machine. Logins and new accounts when you need them.

Easy to integrate

Integrated in minutes thanks to OpenID Connect and OAuth2

In parallel to a password

The passwordless login can also be used in parallel with the password.


For enhanced security, Swilox can be used as a 2nd factor in addition to the password

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