Don't scare off your customers!

Swilox protects your investment in your online services, your produts, and your marketing. It brings you on par with the big players and platforms by making a login as easy as possible.

Customer and Service Portals

You are offering your customers a self-service portal, but the account credentials are a contiunous challenge? Swilox makes the first registration as well as every following login as easy as a click on a smartphone - even directly on site at your business premises.

Online Shops

Your shop and yor product were successful and your customers wanted to buy from you. Wanted, as many abandond their cart at the last formal steps necessary. 35% of your serious customers leave because they need to create an account or enter their personal data. Swilox solves this problem for you.

of the Art.

Swilox is a modern and state-of-the-art solution: Login as with the banking apps - but much simpler

early exit rates.

On the desktop, on the mobile, or cross devices. With Swilox the account is already there!

Cloud based

With Swilox no need for a double-opt-in to send mails to your customers -- and directly to the mobile with push messages!

Cloud based

No need to host an additional server, just a fraction of your increased revenue required


Keep your customers in your shop, not just their filled cart. Putting products in the car with the smartphone and checking out the next day on the desktop. Easy thanks to Swilox!

Easy to

The Swilox Module can be integrated in minutes in all common shop systems. Read to use plug-ins for Shopware, WooCommerce, Wordpress, and Shopify integrate Swilox with a few clicks.


Personally On-Site

Enable customers to register easily directly at the counter on your premises. Access to your online services and all customer communication is simplified.


Swilox is optimized for online-shops and e.g. provides both billing and delivery addresses


With Swilox click-and-collect is easy. No more seraching for a retrieval code or the customer name in the database.

Kiosk and Smart TV

You operate a digital Kiosk solution or a Smart TV app? Spare your customers the cumbersome login on a touch screen or by remote control!

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