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Your store and your products appealed, and your customers wanted to purchase! Unfortunately, 35% of ready-to-buy customers bounce due to formalities like creating an account or confirming their email address.

In e-commerce, it is the big players who make the sale because customers already have an account there.

Marketing costs are quickly wasted, and the more important it is for every online store to increase the number of regular customers who not only order once but like to come back.

With Swilox, it's easy for your customers to register first time and come back later by converting their Smartphone to their to your Online-Store.

Everywhere and on every device

log in on any device and benefit, e.g. from a shopping cart accessible from all devices

Newsletter without Double-Opt-In

send push messages directly to the smartphone

Reduced Cart Abandonment

by increasing the number of recurrent customers as well as increasing revenue

With Swilox you make it easy and convenient for your customers, both during the first registration but also during all subsequent visits. Don't have the password at hand? No problem with Swilox. And using push messages, your customers will always stay informed.

Do you operate a brick-and-mortar store in addition to your online store? Leverage the synergies between offline and online commerce. Read more here.

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