What Swilox can do for you

Customer Portal and Member-area

A digital customer portal or member area is a must in today's world, both demanded by customers and saving costs by digitizing processes.

However, the portal can also easily lead to a negative customer experience:

  • Customers do not have the credentials at hand
  • A newly created account is empty, as the account is not in sync with the CRM.
  • Services and contracts purchased locally are not listed in the portal.

Swilox enables smooth use of the portal for your customers and also for your business:

  • Accounts can be created with one click on the cell phone directly in the customer center and prepared by the service staff:
  • Passwords can not be lost - as none are needed
  • Add existing and uncaptured contracts to the account via QR-Code
  • Easy identification of customers in the local service center
  • Higher security, as weak passwords are a thing of the past; can also be used for second factor authentication (2FA)

Increase the usage of your digital portal with Swilox.

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